Carriage full of people stuck upside down on Drayton Manor’s G-Force ride!


A carriage full of people were stuck upside down today at Drayton Manor.

Guests were left ‘shocked and shaken’ after being stuck upside down on a ride at Drayton Manor theme park today.

G-Force ride opened at Drayton Manor back in 2005 and it’s ‘the only X-Car coaster in the UK, the G Force roller coaster at Drayton Manor is a ride that’s been designed to push your body to new limits as you’re suspended upside down’.

The ride ‘boasts 3 inversions in a rare roller coaster element: a Bent Cuban Eight’.

Drayton Manor say ‘G Force uses a unique inverted chain lift, similar to a standard vertical loop, meaning that when you reach the top, you’ll be fully upside-down, ready and waiting for the ride of your life.’

‪BREAKING: Carriage full of people stuck upside down on the G Force ride at Drayton Manor Theme Park this afternoon. ‪No one believed to be hurt – just shocked and shaken. Awaiting statement from Drayton Manor Theme Park. ‬(Video: Ismail Qureshi) ‬

Posted by Birmingham Updates on Saturday, 1 July 2017

Guests on the ride this afternoon were suspended upside down today, reports of no one injured.

The ride lasts a total of 45 seconds – It’s unclear how long guests were suspended upside down for.

Drayton Manor has since released a statement regarding the incident earlier today at the park, a spokesperson said: “At 15.22 today G-Force experienced a temporary stoppage. As a result all guests were safely removed from the ride.

“At no point was guest safety compromised.”

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  • Accalia Hallow

    Oh for goodness sake! I was there! It was literally just two minutes! It is really not a big deal. They got them down very quickly! They couldn’t have done any more. I really don’t see any problem. It was a small technical hitch, drayton manor did nothing wrong and no one was hurt. So… what exactly are you trying to say? Nothing! Exactly! Take it from a witness, there is nothing more to say. I am actually shocked that this made an article. To me, it’s literally like making an article every time a ride breaks down. Drayton manor should be applauded because there was an announcement to reassure the people stuck, they got them down quickly, they made sure everyone was alright and then they all left. Sure they were a little shaken but who wouldn’t be? Just let drayton manor be. They’re amazing.