Friday, 27 January, 2023

Rebecca Adlington announces she’s pregnant and wants a water birth!

Rebecca Adlington and husband Harry Needs are expecting their first child.


The Olympian swimmer married three months ago to Harry Needs and their first child is due in June 2015.

In an interview with Hello! Becky explained “The due date in June 4 so, yes, we must have conceived on the first day of our honeymoon in Venice.”

Harry then spoke up “But we’re not the Beckhams – we won’t be calling the baby Venice!”

The couple are excited and happy to find a healthy baby at the first scan, and mum-to-be spoke out “Thank goodness everything is okay, it was such a relief to see the heartbeat.”

Not only have the newly married couple been saying how happy they are, but also their plans for the birth.

A water birth is what they would like to happen as “It makes sense for two swimmers to have their baby in water.” says Harry.

Although, Becky also explains “I would like the birth to be as natural as possible, but you can’t really plan it, can you?”

We’d like to congratulate them on the news of their first baby.

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