Tuesday, 29 November, 2022

The X Factor 2015: Olly Murs would love to be a judge!

Olly Murs has revealed that he would love to join The X Factor judging panel next year!

Rumours have speculated that Olly Murs will be offered a place on The X Factor 2015 judging panel, responding to these rumours Olly has admitted he would love to be a judge.


“I wouldn’t say no. It would be a great honour if they ever wanted me,” he declared this month.

Talking around the topic, he said he wouldn’t be able to be able to be too “harsh” on the contestants as he knows how they would feel, after going through the process himself.

“I have such strong opinions, so I’d have to water it down a little bit. I couldn’t be too harsh because I know what the contestants are going through,” he explained.

Despite being eager to join the judging panel, he has admitted that this years judges were a hit.

“It’s definitely taken a step in the right direction with Simon back,” Olly said. “He’s been enjoying the cat fights between himself and the girls.

“Mel B has been brilliant – she’s really given Simon some hairdryer treatment.

“Simon and Cheryl have great chemistry and they obviously get on really well now. Their relationship was a bit rocky in the past, but they’re friends again.”

And as for his favourite judge? Olly tells Star Magazine: “Simon, because he was my mentor. If I didn’t pick him then I might not be allowed to perform again on the show!”

Let us know what you think! Do you think Olly would be a good judge?

The X Factor will return to ITV next year.

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