Celebrity Big Brother 2015: Who does Emma Willis want to enter the house?

With Celebrity Big Brother starting in less than two weeks, Emma Willis has revealed who she would want to enter the house.


Celebrity Big Brother begins on the 7th of January, with Emma Willis returning as host and she has revealed she would want some big names to go into the house if she could chose the line-up.


“In a dream scenario and I’m thinking big,” says Emma of her ideal CBB line up. “If I have a magic wand and I can make, or force, them to go in I’d start with Paul O’Grady because he’s just funny and I’d love to watch him all day.

“Lindsay Lohan would be great and she’s always rumoured. I always wanted Joan Rivers to go in – she would have been amazing.”

Emma added: “I do realise this is never going to happen but I would love somebody like Tom Cruise because we don’t know enough about him. Chances of that are zero.”

Meanwhile, Rylan Clark has also revealed his wish list of stars for the new series.

He said: “If it was my call and money wasn’t an option I would have had Joan Rivers, God bless her. I would love to see Naomi Campbell, Tyra Banks and Kate Moss. All the supermodels in there with no make-up, arguments, ripping out each other’s wigs!”

Celebrity Big Brother returns to our screens on January the 7th on Channel 5.

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