Tuesday, 27 September, 2022

Simon Cowell hopes to make the ‘next Frozen’ to help with label success!

Music mogul Simon Cowell has revealed he wants to make the 'next Frozen' in a hope to shift records!

Following the success of Disney’s hit Frozen, The X Factor boss has revealed that he believes that feature films could help boost his label’s profit.


“Films are a great vehicle for breaking records,” Simon said this weekend “Using Frozen as an example – the movie pushed the music and the music enhanced the movie.

“I think that’s how we’re going to work.”

He explained: “These musical animations are doing great box office. From a record label standpoint, we’re always looking for different ways to sell music and do it in a cool way.

“This is something we dreamed of doing. But the music has to be current.”

According to The Daily Mail newspaper Simon is currently working on ten separate projects, with the release dates of some of these projects going into 2016.

One of the projects will feature retro character Betty Boop in a collaboration with producers Animal Logic, who have produced films such as The Lego Movie and Happy Feet.

Simon said: “Betty is an icon, and one of the biggest stars in the world – I’m thrilled to be working with her.

“I’ve worked with some serious divas but I think she could be the biggest of them all!”

But don’t worry, all of this movie work doesn’t mean that shows like The X Factor and Britain’s Got Talent will be ignored!

“Simon isn’t taking his foot off the accelerator as far as television goes – far from it,” a friend told the tabloid.

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