Celebrity Big Brother 2015: Katie Hopkins allowed to write her column inside the house!

Isn't this breaking one of Big Brother's rules?


Celebrity Big Brother bosses have allowed Katie Hopkins to write her column inside the house.

Celebrity Big Brother 2015

The Sun newspaper has published a column which was supposedly written by Katie Hopkins, who’s currently in the Big Brother house. Strange, right?

Katie’s full-page coverage within The Sun’s newspaper was titled ‘Katie Hopkins – live from the Big Brother house’ in today’s issue, which shows the housemate talking about life inside the house.

This hasn’t gone too well with dedicated Big Brother fans as the show’s number one rule ‘was’ to ‘ban contestants from contacting the outside world’, which Katie has clearly broken.

BBSpy contacted Channel 5 today to ask for a comment on the situation, but the Big Brother bosses didn’t really provide a detailed response to the fansite, instead they “agreed that Katie could continue her column while on the show”.

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