Celebrity Big Brother 2015: Tension rises in the house after Face to Face nominations!

Nadia Sawalha has clashed with Katie Hopkins following last night's face to face nominations!


Last night during face to face nominations, Ken Morley received the most nominations, and now joins Chloe Goodman and Alexander O’Neal in this week’s public vote.

Celebrity Big Brother 2015

Katie Hopkins received one nomination from Nadia Sawalha, with Nadia saying “it’s highly unlikely we will ever agree on anything. We’re polar opposite women”. This followed Nadia taking offence to a comment which Katie made earlier in the day concerning Indian sweatshops.

Face to face nominations also created tension between Katie and Perez Hilton, following Katie’s nomination for Perez.

During a conversation with Perez, Nadia claimed: “She hates me anyway of course.

“She does, she doesn’t like me, every single way we approach life is totally, utterly, 100% different.”

Perez suggested that Katie wasn’t actually that direct despite her reputation, which Nadia agreed with.

“She thinks her brand is to be really direct [but] I don’t think that she is nearly as direct as she’d say she was, I think there’s been a revelation in here,” Nadia claimed.

Meanwhile, Perez react to his nomination from Katie: “I’m not playing a game, up until now I’m just f**king have fun.

“Katie voted for me because I’m her biggest competition, period. She thinks people want to keep me in the house, audiences. She views me as her biggest competition.”

Celebrity Big Brother continues tonight on Channel 5 at 9pm.

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