Comedian Roycey to trek from London to Paris on a bike for #APenForParis!

We've talked to Roycey about his amazing appeal!


Tomorrow morning comedian Roycey will travel from London to Paris on just a BIKE!


The idea behind his bike ride is to represent that Roycey and his followers are standing up for Paris following the recent attacks. Except for the ferry trip there will be no breaks, hotels, no anything.

At every mile during his trek he will drop a pen on the floor to represent his stand against the attacks and the support he has for Paris.

To support this he hopes to make the hashtag #APenForParis go viral, with everyone who wants to take a stand posting a picture of themselves holding a pen on Twitter or Facebook

Watch this video he posted on his twitter page, explaining why he is doing this:

We wanted to know more about this amazing appeal that Roycey has started, so we caught up with him to ask him a few questions

What Roycey told TwitCelebGossip:

“The challenge was spontaneous…I’ve not planned anything. .just taking me… All the pictures being posted and a message of love and support from everyone joining in on my #APenForParis.

When will you get to Paris?

“I am hoping to get into Paris Monday evening so looking at a 36 – 40 hour bike ride.”

How long will it take?

“Not 100% sure really, it’s not a race it’s a message and I’m happy it takes as long as it takes.”

His statement:

“My aim…to arrive in Paris with a gift to Paris from anyone on twitter FB or anywhere that..We care…We feel your pain. ..and we love you.”

“The pen is mightier than the sword…I hope to deliver thousands.”

Show your support for Roycey by posting a picture of yourself holding a pen on Twitter or Facebook with the hashtag #APenForParis.

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