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Celebrity Big Brother 2015: Katie Hopkins fights with Perez Hilton over the latest task!

Katie Hopkins and Perez Hilton have a fight over the latest task in the Celebrity Big Brother house.

Katie & Perez 1

The latest task wasn’t fun and games for the celebrity housemates, as Ken reads out a Fairy Tale, Michelle must correctly guess which celebrity is behind each statement. It’s bound to cause a few arguments, right?

The statements to say the least were very revealing indeed, including Katie’s infamous naked romp in a field with a married man, which was caught on camera. When Katie says that she doesn’t have a problem with it because she was not married at the time, Perez continues to push the point, angering Keith who asks him to shut up.

Michelle tries to lighten the mood by moving the conversation on to Chloe, who was once a bottom double for Cameron Diaz. When Ken asks why he was berated for his earlier comments when Chloe takes her clothes off for a living, Chloe explains that there is a difference between deciding to do a job and not having a choice.

Perez then turns his attentions on Ken, which angers Katie, causing her to come over to him shouting “Enough!” Later, Ken asks Calum “how much of his inheritance he has blown” on hair transplants and Calum responds by saying that the only inheritance he got was his “lovely name and a great legacy”

The earlier altercation with Katie has brought Perez to tears and he apologises to Katie.

Katie tells Big Brother that today’s task made Perez look like “a dingbat” and admits that she is not likely to ever get on with him.

She then likens him to a “small fly that I will step on, and will be removed from this House, hopefully by my hand. I’ll be pleased to see him go”.

Check out pictures below of tonight’s show:

Celebrity Big Brother returns tonight on Channel 5 at 9pm.

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