Saturday, 10 June, 2023

Celebrity Big Brother 2015: Police caution Jeremy Jackson over Chloe Goodman incident!

Jeremy Jackson has been cautioned by police over the Chloe Goodman incident.

Jeremy Jackson was removed from the Celebrity Big Brother house on Saturday after a serious incident took place with Chloe in the toilets.

Jeremy was seen being sick in the toilets before drunkenly opening Chloe’s robe and revealing her breast.

Before Jeremy left the Big Brother house he claimed Chloe was believed to be flirting with him.

According to The Sun, Hatfield Police opted to launch a probe. This afternoon Jeremy and his solicitor visited Hatfield Police Station – where he accepted a caution for assault.

Chloe is not thought to have made an official complaint to the police, although it was reported she was thinking about it.

A statement given to the newspaper said: “A 34-year-old man voluntarily attended Hatfield Police station this afternoon to assist police with their enquiries into an incident which is alleged to have taken place in the Big Brother House in Borehamwood in the early hours of Saturday January 10th.

“The man has subsequently been issued with a police caution for common assault.”

Jeremy has reportedly spoken about the incident. The Sun quoted him saying: “It was a terrible drunken mistake — I’m so ashamed.

“It would be really easy to blame it all on the alcohol, but I’m not that cheap of a player. It’s my fault, and I can’t blame it on anything but me.”


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