Celebrity Big Brother 2015: Ken Morley insists he’s “not racist” in TV interview!

Ex Celebrity Big Brother housemate Ken Morley has defended some of the racist language he used whilst he was in the Celebrity Big Brother house.


Ken Morley was removed from the Celebrity Big Brother 2015 house after making several racist remarks during his stay.

Celebrity Big Brother 2015

This morning Ken appeared on ITV’s Loose Women, insisting that his use of the word “n***o” whilst telling a story about a conversation he had with Frank Bruno was not offensive as the boxer found it funny at the time.

Explaining the use of the same word during a discussion with Alexander O’Neal, Morley said: “With Alexander, we were discussing terminology in the Americans, and I said Martin Luther King used a word to define what a black man was in America in the ’60s. The American army now used that word. It is outdated, granted.”

When pushed for an apology from the Loose Women panelists, he said: “Oh yes, of course I’m sorry. I don’t want to upset people. The programme says, ‘There’ll be nasty language’. Alexander and I were having discussions. I said, ‘Am I a honky?’, and then we talked about what black guys use to each other in America. At the end of it, he burst out laughing. We were joking!”

After the panelists pointed out that he appeared to be taking his apology back, he said: “I apologize unreservedly for everybody that watched that programme if I disappointed you.

“It was banter in an odd situation but I understand entirely that it upsets a lot of people all over the world, and I apologize for upsetting you and I hope you accept. I am not a racist.”

When discussing how he had referred to Cami Li as “half Hindu princess, half slut”, he recalled an alleged incident involving the model.

“This programme is edited,” he maintained. “Cami came down the stairs, she walked behind me and she bit me hard on the ear. I jumped up and said, ‘Why have you done that?’ And she said, ‘Cos you like it’. Did you see that? No you didn’t!”

He continued: “In the context of the show, the ladies were brought from America because they work in various aspects in the entertainment industry, and part of that is to dress in very provocative clothes for the purposes of entertainment. They insisted upon wearing the most daring clothes you can get away with.”

Street-Porter than stated that “just because they’re a glamour model, you can’t talk to them like a piece of meat”.

When asked if he will still get paid, he said: “People are paid different amounts – whether you get paid or not is not of interest to me in terms of what happens now.

“What does make a difference is what you have not seen. TV edits the bits they don’t want you to see.”

Following his and Baywatch star Jeremy Jackson’s removal from the house, tonight’s eviction has been cancelled.

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