Celebrity Big Brother 2015: All except Cami-Li face the first eviction – with a twist!


Following Jeremy and Ken’s departures from the house, tonight’s live eviction was cancelled.

Celebrity Big Brother 2014

However, Big Brother had another trick up his sleeve – one the celebrity housemates were not expecting.

Earlier today, the housemates drew straws to decide who would go first in a game to decide who would be safe from eviction this week.

What they didn’t realise is that the last person to be chosen will actually be immune from eviction and will become King or Queen of the Fairies.

Nadia was the first Housemate to choose who she wanted to save.

  • Nadia saved Patsy
  • Patsy saved Perez
  • Perez saved Alexander
  • Alexander saved Calum
  • Calum saved Michelle
  • Michelle saved Katie
  • Katie saved Kavana
  • Kavana saved Alicia
  • Alicia saved Keith

Keith was then given the difficult decision of choosing which housemate would face eviction. He chose “the toughest” housemate, Cami-Li.

Cami-Li was then called to the Diary Room where Big Brother crowned her as Queen of the Fairies and revealed that she is immune from eviction.

As Queen of the Fairies, she will rule over her Fairy Kingdom for the next two days and decide who will be also be saved from eviction this week.

Celebrity Big Brother continues tomorrow night for the highlights show on Channel 5 at 9pm.

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