Wednesday, 28 September, 2022

Oritsé Williams releases brand new music, ‘Waterline’!

Former member of JLS, Oritsé Williams has revealed his debut single, Waterline, and the video to go alongside it.


Now re-branded as OWS, Oritsé has taken some time out from social networking to work on his new single and to make the video for it.

Unknown by a lot of people, the single, Waterline, was actually released back in November in the US and now the people of the UK are starting to hear it.

The video premiered at the beginning of the week, being uploaded onto the OWS VEVO channel. The song also features Pusha T, a rapper from the States.

The song was available to listen to on YouTube since September with snippets of the official video being uploaded since, leading up to the official video release.

Not only are fans getting used to listening to his own creations, but they now have the chance to go to see him live when he performs at Oslo, Hackney, on March 25th. Tickets are available to buy now.

If you haven’t seen the official video for Waterline, you can watch here:

We wish Oritsé and his future all the success in the world as OWS.

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