Celebrity Big Brother 2015: Cami-Li asks Big Brother if she can ‘divorce’ Perez!

Things aren't going well for the King and Queen of the house.


Cami-Li has asked Big Brother if she can ‘divorce’ Perez from the latest twist.

Celebrity Big Brother 2015

On Tuesday night’s live show we saw Cami-Li crowned ‘Queen of the fairies’ in the Big Brother house as part of the special twist.

Cami-Li was then asked to pick ‘King of the fairies’, which she chose Perez Hilton.

Both Cami-Li and Perez are both immuned from the first live eviction.

Cami has asked Big Brother today if she can divorce Perez, before adding “All is not well between the King and Queen and I cannot wait to execute him, and off with his head!”

While Cami was speaking to Big Brother Perez was in the bedroom gossiping about last night’s events to Alicia and Kavana. An irritated Alexander overheard the exchange in conversation and told Perez that he really needs to stop it and “give it a rest”.

Big Brother continues tonight on Channel 5 at 9pm.

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