Wednesday, 28 September, 2022

Celebrity Big Brother 2015: Katie Hopkins CRIES in the Diary Room ‘i’m not that bad an egg’!

She has a heart!

Katie Hopkins has shown emotion to Big Brother in the Diary room today.

Celebrity Big Brother 2015

In tonight’s show, a tearful Katie tells Big Brother that she’s not good at taking compliments because she believes that it’s important to be “tough” and “strong”.

Katie, 39, who is ‘famous’ for her big mouth has finally shown she has a heart while speaking to Big Brother.

She goes on to describe compliments as being “ a weakness” and “the request of the needy”, admitting that she’s not very tough and “not that bad an egg, really”.

The emotional Diary room appearance will be shown on Channel 5 at 9pm tonight during the live eviction.

A mystery new celebrity will also join the show tonight, Katie Price is rumoured to be entering.

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