Celebrity Big Brother 2015: 3.5 million watched Katie Price’s shock entrance!


Celebrity Big Brother’s first live eviction was watched by more than 3.5 million.

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Not only did one housemate get the boot from the house, another celebrity entered.

The first housemate to be evicted from the house was Chloe Goodman. In an interview with Emma, Chloe said: ‘Every year you see people in the house wanting to leave but not one person in there is enjoying themselves.’

Emma asked why they got on so well and Chloe said: ‘She’s so down to earth and a strong woman.’ She added that she wasn’t worried for Cami Li as Michelle and Patsy will look after her and that she would love to see her in the final.

After Chloe was evicted, Katie Price entered carrying a shock new twist. Before Katie entered the house, she told Emma: “I’m so nervous! I can’t stop crying, I’m going to miss my kids.”

“I’ve been watching and I think I’m absolutely mad to be going in there… I don’t think you can be prepared, it’s crazy!”

Katie had to pick three housemates to send to jail overnight when she entered, which was apparently ‘awful’: “This is awful… My first choice will be Perez because I’ve been watching and I think the house needs a f**king break.

“My second one is Cami, I think you’re crazy but I’m going to put you in there because you and Perez need to sort your s**t out and make this home a bit of a nicer place to be.”

“And Nadia, I was on Loose Women with you, you’re such a strong woman.”

The first live eviction show was watched by a 2.92 million (13.3%), peaking at 3.58 when Katie entered.

Celebrity Big Brother continues nightly on Channel 5 at 9pm.

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