Tuesday, 3 October, 2023

The Jump 2015: Gogglebox’s Dom and Joey Essex added to the injury list during training!

Gogglebox’s Dom and Joey Essex have both been injured while training for The Jump 2015.

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Celebrities are dropping like flies during the training period for The Jump 2015, with two already quit.

The two celebrities who had to quit the show are Ola Jordan after injuring her leg and Sally Bercow after cracking her ribs.

Those that remain in the Channel 4 competition are also injuring themselves including Joey Essex and Phil Tufnell.

Joey revealed: “I was going down a really steep slope really fast and a random lady clipped me.

“My right foot was killing me but I couldn’t stop, so I turned on my left and fell over on my head and rolled down the hill.

“My left leg got tangled in my right ski and went ‘crack’. I had a double whammy. Both legs hurt, but the left one is worse.”

Phil told The Sun newspaper: “I’m covered from head to toe in bruises. I feel like I’ve been in a tumble drier for a week and a half.”

Gogglebox’s Dom Parker has also been involved in a ‘mild’ accident, but will still be competing in the competition.

A Channel 4 source revealed: “The contestants are surrounded by the best coaches but accidents do happen.”

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