Saturday, 2 December, 2023

2.25% Of JLS’ Target Has Been Raised So Far!

As you all know… JLS have brought back their JLS FOUNDATION for 2years! And by the end of the 2 years they hope to have raised £2Million !

About the JLS Foundation:

Their main objectives are to

-Improve lives, leading to brighter and better futures for all
-Increase awareness and education in young people in the benefits of leading active, healthy lives
-Fund projects which are close to our hearts and support issues that affect our fans – now and in the future

JLS Foundation Website

JLS Foundation


So too encourage people to donate, JLS and Prizeo arranged a competition ‘Ultimate Boyband Experience‘ where fans can donate to be entered into a draw where you could spend a WHOLE DAY with the boys and see a One Direction sound check for a concert!

Currently the amount of money raised is a MASSIVE… £45,000 !

But they’re not there yet! I wonder what next idea they have to help raise money…

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