Wednesday, 28 September, 2022

Perez Hilton ‘lost his virginity aged 12 to another schoolboy’ he met daily!

Perez Hilton apparently ‘lost his virginity aged 12 to another schoolboy’ he met daily for sex.

Celebrity Big Brother 2015

In the most shocking statement ever, Celebrity blogger Perez Hilton apparently lost his virginity aged 12.

According to reports, Perez who was 12-years-old met with another schoolboy daily to have sex in a chapel.

The Sun reported, childhood friend, Pedro Leon, told the newspaper: “A lot of us round here suspected he was and asked him directly but he always said no.”

Perez hid his sexuality from his friends and didn’t come out as gay until he was at university in New York.

His mother Teresita said: “He was fat but a few years ago he finally lost a lot of weight, 80lb in total.”

She added: “Fatherhood has changed him. He is a good person.”

Perez Hilton is currently a housemate in Celebrity Big Brother 2015.

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