Wednesday, 28 September, 2022

Britain’s Got Talent 2015: Ant and Dec have used their golden buzzer on the first day!

Ant and Dec have already used their Britain’s Got Talent golden buzzer on the first day of auditions.

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Ant and Dec pressed their golden buzzer earlier this week, on the first day of auditions in Edinburgh.

The pair spoke to reporters backstage at The National Television Awards last night, saying: “The talent’s good, the talent’s really good, and we’ve pushed our golden buzzer already,

“We got in there early – a really good act, actually. I think it’s fabulous.”

Dec continued: “Last year we waited until the last session of the last day to push our golden buzzer. We weren’t getting caught out with that again!

“We pushed it on the first session of the first day. They’re a great act. But a really good level in Edinburgh. [It’s] Manchester next, so we’re very excited.”

Britain’s Got Talent 2015 returns later this year.

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