Tuesday, 27 September, 2022

Watch the moment Jeremy Kyle gets pepper-sprayed in the face while filming!

Footage has emerged of Jeremy Kyle getting pepper-sprayed in the face while filming in Magaluf.


The chat show host was filming a documentary in Magaluf, when he was allegedly attacked by nightclub bouncer who said Jeremy was ‘trying to make the island look bad’.

After the bouncer allegedly attacked Kyle, he suddenly coughs and splatters as tears stream down his face.

Jeremy Kyle’s security then dragged the host into car as a mob of youngster swarm around him.

Jeremy said: ‘Suddenly my eyes are stinging. I can’t see properly. My throat is burning and I feel disorientated and scared.

An innocent walk down the strip in Magaluf has turned nasty.’

Watch the shocking footage below:


‘The Kyle Files’ will be shown tonight on ITV, 7:30pm.

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