Tuesday, 27 September, 2022

Celebrity Big Brother 2015: Perez Hilton “I’ve stopped viewing celebrities as friends”!

Perez Hilton has spoke about his personal life in Celebrity Big Brother today.

Celebrity Big Brother 2015

During a conversation with Katie Price, Perez has given us an insider into his personal life.

Katie asked Perez if any of his best friends are celebrities. Perez replied “no” and explains: ‘I’ve stopped viewing celebrities as friends.’

He explains it’s better to view the as acquaintances and Nadia agrees saying that he needs to keep ‘professional distance’.

He adds that his friendship with Lady Gaga ‘didn’t work out’ and that he is still friends but no longer close to Katy Perry and says that during her divorce from Russell Brand he didn’t call her and ‘ask for the real scoop’ as that would have made him ‘feel gross’.

Celebrity Big Brother second live eviction is live on Channel 5 at 9pm tonight.

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