Celebrity Big Brother 2015: Katie Price’s ‘love rival’ Jane Pountney set to enter the house?


Is Katie Price’s love rival Jane Pountney set to enter the Celebrity Big Brother 2015 house?

Celebrity Big Brother 2015

Katie Price has so far had an easy life in the Celebrity Big Brother house, but the bosses are planning to heat it up a bit.

Apparently Katie Price was offered £500,000 to enter the house, but has shown very little except from her ex’s stories to earn that kind of money, this is where Jane comes in.

Big Brother bosses are hoping for a reaction from Katie Price when they chuck in Jane Pountney into the house for a “special guest appearance”.

A source from the show said: “Kate would have a fit if Jane was added to the mix,

“We’re talking an all-out cat fight – there is no way Kate would be able to hold it together.”

A spokesperson for Big Brother said: “We do not comment on rumours about potential housemates.”

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