Wednesday, 28 September, 2022

Celebrity Big Brother 2015: Housemates have been peeing in the hot tub!

Ew. That's disgusting...

It has been revealed that the Celebrity Big Brother housemates love a good pee in the hot tub.

Celebrity Big Brother 2015

Katie Hopkins has published her latest column from inside the Celebrity Big Brother house.

In this weeks column Katie has described her fellow housemates as “unfortunates” – while describing the house as “like living in a care home”.

In The Sun newspaper,  Katie explains: “Many appear to be verging on the incontinent, peeing indiscriminately when the mood takes them.

“The Jacuzzi has taken the main brunt of this, demanding constant emptying and refilling due to the massive acid imbalances.”

Katie then revealed: “Each week we receive a detailed briefing on how to leave through a front door and walk down a set of stairs.

“I feel confident that I, Katie Hopkins, being of sound-ish mind and peculiarly shaped body, have got this whole walking down a set of stairs thing nailed.’

Celebrity Big Brother 2015 continues tonight at 9om on Channel 5.

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