Tuesday, 27 September, 2022

Celebrity Big Brother 2015: Fans call for Perez Hilton to be removed after ‘rape threats’!

Celebrity Big Brother fans are demanded for Perez Hilton to be removed from the house after ‘rape threats’ towards Calum Best.

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Last night we reported that Perez Hilton has received a formal warning after unacceptable language towards Calum Best during an argument.

Perez was complaining to Calum that he turns the lights off ‘too early’ and next time he does it, he will let everyone know his thoughts.

Calum said: “I’m just trying to help people go to bed so don’t throw sh*t at me,

Perez followed with: “People didn’t want to go bed,”

Before attempting to walk out the room Calum said: “Be the di*k,”

Perez shouted: “I will do, I’ll be the huge di*k and I’ll shove it up your ar*e,”

As expected Calum was surprised by Perez’s comments saying: “What?!” – “Do not speak to me like that!”

Celebrity Big Brother fans are now calling for Perez Hilton to be removed from the house following his behaviour yesterday.

Big Brother bosses haven’t yet sent out any statement following his incident.

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