Ted Robbins’ wife says he’s ”doing well” following collapse during ‘Peter Kay’s Phoenix Nights Live’ opening night!


Ted Robbins’ wife says he’s ”doing well” following his collapse during ‘Peter Kay’s Phoenix Nights Live’ opening night.


Last night TwitCelebGossip reported that Ted Robbins collapsed during a solo performance at Manchester’s Phones4U Arena – the show was then cancelled.

‘Peter Kay’s Phoenix Nights Live’ was being staged in support of Comic Relief 2015 and included the original cast line-up.

Ted Robbins – who plays Den Perry has been taken extremely ill and the show had been cancelled with the audience pouring out of the arena.

Ted apparently clutched his chest and stumbled a bit, before the curtain closed immediately with the crew rushing onstage with medical equipment.

Ted was then rushed to the Hospital following the incident. Ted’s Wife has now shared a message about his recovery on social media, it read: “With Ted now in the hospital. He is in some pain due to bruising on his ribs from chest compressions but other than that he is doing well.

“Ted had rheumatic fever when he was a child which left him with some heart damage so we have always been aware that he would need a routine procedure to correct.

“We are so incredibly grateful for everyone’s support and we would love more than anything to find out who the doctor was out of the audience who have such fantastic treatment.

“Thanks for all your lovely messages, it’s very touching to know he is so loved. He will be fit and healthy again soon. God bless all the NHS staff that are doing such a fantastic job. Xx

Tonight’s show will take place as normal.

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