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The Jump 2015: Phil Tufnell and Dom Parker eliminated in first show of the series!

Phil Tufnell and Dom Parker have been eliminated from the BOYS team in first show of the series.

The Jump 2015

Channel 4’s The Jump returned to Channel 4 tonight seeing four of the sixteen competitors taking on a Live Ski Jump to secure their place in the competition.

Mike Tindall, Phil Tufnell, JB Gill and Dom Parker all took part in the first show of the series, trying to secure their place in the competition.

Mike went first and took on the K24 jump, landing it perfectly with a new record for The Jump of 18 metres.  As the tension mounted at the jump site, Phil decided to bottle it and take on the K15 and landed a distance of 9 metres, becoming the first to crash out of the competition.

After watching Phil bow out on the small jump JB upped his game, taking on the K24 and landing a distance of 14.5m. All Dom needed to do was land half a meter further to stay on the slopes but he opted for the smaller K15 and, though he managed a personal best of 9 metres, he joined his après-ski partner Phil and became the second to leave the competition.

Speaking to Davina Phil commented: “I’m not great with heights and it’s really quite high up there!” while Dom said of wife Steph “She’ll be thrilled I’m not dead!”

Steve-O set a new Jump record for Men’s Skeleton hurtling down the track in just 43.15secs, beating last year’s fastest man Ritchie Neville who covered the course in 44.81secs.

Watch Louie/Mike Tindall battle:


Watch Dom’s Jump:


Watch JB’s Jump:


Watch Phil Tufnell’s jump:


The Jump returns tomorrow with the women who will compete in the Skeleton, with the four slowest facing the Live Ski Jump.

The Jump, nightly, 8pm on Channel 4.

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