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The Jump 2015: Louie Spence and Jodie Kidd eliminated after ‘The Air Jump’!

Louie Spence from the boys and Jodie Kidd from the girls have both been eliminated after loosing on ‘The Air Jump’.

The Jump 2015

Tonight The Jump broadcasted live from Jump Mountain in Kuhtai, Austria where the twelve remaining celebrity competitors took on two brand new winter sporting events, Snow Cross and The Air Jump.

First up, Snow Cross. Four races, each with three competitors in a head-to-head no-holds-barred battle to reach the finish line first. The winding course featuring hairpin turns, jumps and obstacles to negotiate, meant simply getting the bottom was enough to get the contestants’ hearts racing.

Kitted out head-to-toe in ice-hockey gear, Mike Tindal, Louie Spence and Joey Essex were up first. The fierce rivalry between Mike and Louie was going strong after Louie beat Mike in the Skeleton on Sunday night. The pressure was on to launch out of the start gate as Mike attempted to mend his pride and come put on top.

With his ex-semi pro ice hockey player background Joey was quick of the mark, but it didn’t take long for Mike to take him out at the first corner and then there was no catching him as the three raced down the track. The race ended in spectacular style as all three fell once they’d crossed the finish line.

Mike Tindal came in first place, Joey Essex in second and Louie Spence lost.

JB's Air Jump.
JB’s Air Jump.

Next up it was the first of the ladies Louise Hazel, Stacey Solomon and Chloe Madeley. Stacey wanted to win by playing nice, but Chloe and Louise H had other plans. There was only one way to win… take out the opposition. Louise H led the race the whole way but fell at the last turn seeing Chloe and Stacey snatch victory from her.

Chloe Madeley won, Stacey Solomon came in second and Louise Hazel lost.

Race three saw JB Gill, Steve-O and Jon-Allan Butterworth go head-to-head. Steve-O has the reputation for throwing himself head first into everything but Jon-Allan and JB were ready to give it all they had to stay in the competition. Jon-Allan was quick out of the gate, but Steve-O was fighting dirty from the off, pushing both of his opponents out of his way, taking the lead and not losing it. JB and Jon-Allan got in tangle but it was Paralympian Jon-Allan who managed to get back on his feet quickest leaving JB to face The Air Jump.

Steve-O won the race with Jon-Allan Butterworth coming in second and JB Gill lost.

The final race pitted fierce rivals Lady Victoria Hervey and Jodie Kidd against each other once again, with the third woman in the race, Louise Thompson, hoping her tiny stature will mean she can weave through her opponents and win the race. Jodie fell at the first turn and struggled to stay upright, Louise T was way out in front the whole way round the course. All Lady Victoria wanted to do was avoid The Air Jump and she managed it with style.

Louise Thompson won the race with Lady Victoria coming in second place and Jodie Kidd lost.

Louie Spence's bum.
Louie Spence’s bum.

For the four unlucky losers it was time to face The Air Jump, the all new eliminator for The Jump 2015.

Louie Spence and JB Gill were up first, only one man could stay in the competition and both were ready to do all they could to stay in the running to be crowned Jump Champion 2015. Louie looked cool, calm and collected as he launched himself down the slope and into the air hitting a high of 6.44m. JB was focussed and picked up a lot of speed popping high but landing face first on the airbag. Despite the face plant he just about beat Louie with a height of 6.48m.

Louise Hazel jumped first and with her long jump and high jump background she was set to jump high and reached 6.83m. Jodie Kidd was last to jump and looked nervous which showed in her technique and let her down with a jump of 6.71m knocking her out of the competition.

The Jump will be back tomorrow night at 8pm on Channel 4 with the remaining competitors going head to head in the Parallel Slalom.

Get all of the behind the scenes gossip with Cherry Healey on The Jump: On the Piste is on E4 at 7:30pm tomorrow.

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