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Björn Borg launches ‘SS15 Collection’ with revolutionary online fashion experience!

Björn Borg launches their spring summer 2015 collection, the Sports Fashion brand blows a kiss to the gaming world through presenting their collection not through a commercial, fashion ads or a lookbook, but through an online fashion game experience where their clothes gives the player extra love strength.


Through the game, a new platform for e-commerce is introduced: in-game shopping with the player equipping their avatar with the new Björn Borg collection to fight the forces of evil with the power of love. Equipped with a love glove, you master your enemies with e.g. a hologram kiss blower, a flower petal thrower or rainbow caster made from pink gold, white leather and acrylic glass for the ultimate style experience.

Björn Borg SS15 draws its inspiration from fictional worlds. Mesmerizing mythical islands, lost worlds and visionary computer games. A mainly monochrome collection where sport and fashion are intertwined.

The game has received a great reception with Kotaku, one of the largest gaming sites in the world, calling First Person Lover “one of the most fabulous things I’ve ever seen”.

Fellow Swede Felix ”Pewdiepie” Kjellberg, who runs the largest Youtube account in the world, calls the game “The most fabulous game in the universe” with his playthrough of the game receiving over 3 million views so far. Watch it below:


American Youtube sensation Markplier calls it “Game of the Year”.

“We have taken the aesthetics from the First Person Shooter games and turned it upside down. We want to offer gamers and shoppers a whole new experience”, comments Lina Söderqvist, Marketing Director, Björn Borg AB.

“It has been extraordinarily fun to see the collection come to life in 3D and having avatars wearing it. The game has taken my vision of fictional worlds to a whole new level. I might be the first designer ever that has his collection bought through a game”, says James Lee, Head Designer, Björn Borg.

The First Person Lover Game is free of charge at http://firstpersonlover.com

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