Celebrity Big Brother 2015: Katie Hopkins becomes runner-up as Katie Price wins!


Katie Hopkins has come in second place on this year’s Celebrity Big Brother 2015 after Katie Price has won.

Celebrity Big Brother 2015

Tonight was Celebrity Big Brother 2015 Live Final and it was amazing.

First out the doors tonight was Michelle Visage. Michelle has been determined to reach the final and exclaimed her happiness yesterday saying she was proud to have reached the final.

4th to be evicted from the house was Keith Chegwin. Keith has been a very quiet housemate until the coming days of the final where he really let us know his thoughts.

In 3rd place in Celebrity Big Brother 2015 was Calum Best. This was a very surprising eviction and no one actually expected him to leave. TwitCelebGossip reported this week that Calum was favourite to win according to Ladbrokes.

So it was between Katie Hopkins and Katie Price. Hopkins came in 2nd place with Katie Price winning the series.

Emma congratulated Katie Hopkins as the start of the interview and mentioned her launch night boos, Katie Hopkins said: “I was the most hated housemate in history going in…I’m a tough old bird”. On her mixed reaction with quite a few cheers on exit: “Its kind and great”.

Emma asked Katie Hopkins if she was planning to be controversial: “No, being consistent and true to myself. I’m the right, and not a loony left winger…Big Brother put a complete and utter Twat in the house”.

On starring in ‘The Perez Show’: “I like to call it ‘Perez making t*t of himself’. It was good to be his adversary and to pick up his bunny and smack it against a wall. If Perez wasn’t in there I would have been everybody’s least favourite person and a complete cow. If he wasn’t the biggest tw*t I could have been the second biggest tw*t. I was the knight in shining armour and then you gave him the power of information and I blame you”.

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