Celebrity Big Brother 2015: Katie Hopkins still fuming over Katie Price win!

Katie Hopkins has revealed that she is fuming about the result of last night's Celebrity Big Brother final!


Katie Hopkins has been left raging after she lost out on the winner’s crown to Katie Price.

Celebrity Big Brother 2015

This year’s Celebrity Big Brother final, Katie Hopkins finished in second place it was Katie Price who walked away as the winner.

All of the finalists and ex housemates gathered on the Bit On The Side sofas, discussing what they thought of the result.

Nadia revealed that she was happy that “good won over evil” whilst Perez Hilton added: “I’m so happy because Katie Price was not only kind and good, she was also brave in the house to be nice to me. I’m thrilled.”

Calum Best was the gentleman as always, saying: “Well done to Katie Price, she’s done her thing, you’ve got to deal with how it goes down… I’m just so glad to be out of that house!”

However a bitter Katie H branded Katie P’s win a “complete con” and a “load of tosh”.

Katie H claimed her rival was “boring” and “rubbish” and said: “She didn’t join in.”

Despite the pair having a blazing row just a day before, Katie Hopkins went on to claim “She didn’t stand up for anything, all she did was complain and talk about poo and that’s not good enough.”

Katie H added: “Katie isn’t a winner in any sense of the word, I’ve no idea why the public voted for her.”

Kate Price hit back at Katie H’s comments: “That just goes to show why they [the [public] voted for me over her.”

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