EastEnders: Bobby Beale exposed as Lucy Beale’s killer in shocking twist!

    What an ending.


    Bobby Beale has been exposed as Lucy Beale’s killer in tonight’s double bill of EastEnders on BBC One.

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    In one of the most surprising twists so far, this year, Bobby Beale is Lucy’s murderer.

    Tonight’s first show revealed that Lucy died in the Beale’s household. During one of the closing scenes Ian revealed to Jane that he knew she killed her.

    An hour later, BBC One aired a flashback episode to explain to viewers who actually killed Lucy Beale – the result was surprising.

    Ending the flashback episode we saw Lucy’s half-brother Bobby Beale clutching a box and a phone in his hands with Lucy dead on the floor – Jane walked in on the scene to find Bobby killed Lucy.

    This explains why Jane covered up the death of Lucy.

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