EastEnders: Over 10 million people watched Lucy Beale’s killer be exposed!


Spectacular ratings for BBC One last night as the first of the double bill episodes of EastEnders reached a peak of 11.9 million viewers.

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Last night Lucy Beale’s killer was exposed with two episodes of EastEnders on BBC One.

The first episode of the two-billed murder case reached a peak of 11.9 million viewers where Jane was the main suspect of killing Lucy.

The second episode of EastEnders aired at a later time of 9:30pm with 11.2 million, where we saw the killer be unmasked.

The BBC Confirmed today saying: “EastEnders peak audience of 11.9.m makes it the highest rated TV show of the year.”

Lucy Beale’s killer was revealed as Lucy’s young brother Bobby Beale.

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