Tuesday, 27 September, 2022

Tonight’s live episode for EastEnders 30th anniversary was Ben Hardy last show!

How will Ben leave the square?

Tonight’s last live episode for EastEnders 30th anniversary was Ben Hardy’s last time in the square.


This week the killer of Lucy Beale was revealed – turns out it was her younger brother, Bobby Beale.

To celebrate EastEnders 30th anniversary tonight’s episode (20th February) was fully live with no pre-recorded footage.

Ben Hardy spoke to Zoe Ball after the live show explaining when he found out about Lucy’s killer: “I found out just before Christmas, and I’m so relieved it’s out there.”

Continuing, Ben said: “Today’s my last day so I thought, ooh that’s good timing. It’s my last day but it’s not Peter’s last day.”

Ben Hardy plays Peter Beale in the soap, but bosses of EastEnders haven’t revealed details on his exit from the square.

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