Madonna could have claimed up to £115,000 last night after her fall at The BRIT Awards!


It has been revealed today that Madonna could have claimed up to £115,000 last night after her fall at The BRIT Awards 2015.

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First4Lawyers have declared that Madonna could have claimed up to £115,000 from her fall last night.

Andy Cullwick, Head of Marketing says: ‘Unfortunately Madonna can’t claim for the sheer embarrassment of falling off stage, but a fall like that could have caused an injury that would have seen her claiming up to £115,000 if it left her with severe damage to her back.

“If she was unfortunate enough to have suffered a minor injury that impacted on her health, she would be able to claim between £6-£9k for the fall.

“Madonna was one of many people who have suffered due to poorly maintained workplace tools, it was unlucky that hers was a wardrobe malfunction and in front of millions of people.”

Click here to watch the Madonna fell off her podium at The BRIT Awards 2015.

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