Wednesday, 7 December, 2022

ITV receive 123 complaints after Kanye West’s BRIT performance with N word broadcast!

Not the best performance of the night.

Kayne West has sparked another outrage, but this time it’s over his BRIT Awards 2015 performance with the broadcast of the N-Word.

Credit: Facebook/BRIT Awards
Credit: Facebook/BRIT Awards


ITV tried their best last night during Kayne West’s to mute out his rather awful language, including tons of swear words and the occasional N-Word.

Even though ITV tried their hardest, the N-Word was broadcasted last night without being muted – over 123 complaints were received today.

An ITV spokesperson said in a statement: “ITV took the decision to use an audio mute during the performance.

“The BRITs is broadcast live on ITV from 8pm to a wide audience.

“We have operated a short time delay as standard practice for some years on the show, to allow us to mute language that may be inappropriate for that wide audience, and elected to do so in this case, given the performance took place shortly after the 9pm watershed.”

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