Friday, 29 September, 2023

Gemma Collins has donated her full I’m A Celebrity fee to ‘Save The Children’!

Gemma Collins has donated the full amount she was paid to go into the I’m A Celebrity jungle to ‘Save The Children’ charity.

Twitter / Gemma Collins
Twitter / Gemma Collins

Gemma Collins only spent a few days in the I’m A Celebrity jungle in Australia before quitting, but now the reality star has donated her full fee to charity.

Gemma only received £4,800 of the full amount she was due because she quit the show after a few days of being in the jungle, but she has now donated that fee to charity.

Some people were unhappy that Gemma Collins was going to be paid the full amount of her fee to appear in the jungle for literary a few days, but Gemma said she would donate anything she got to charity.

Now Gemma has been paid her fee for entering the jungle she’s donated it to ‘Save The Children’ charity, she said: “Pleasure to have donated my jungle fee to save the children.”

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