Danny Dyer set for marriage after longtime girlfriend proposed to him on Valentine’s Day!


Danny Dyer is now all set for marriage after his longtime girlfriend Joanne Mas proposed to him on Valentine’s Day.

Credit: Hello Magazine
Credit: Hello Magazine

Danny Dyer said we didn’t expect for his childhood sweetheart Joanne Mas to propose to him after 20 years.

The reason why Danny never asked Joanne to marry him is because he wouldn’t have been able to cope if she’d turned him down on the proposal.

Dyer said: “It was a complete bolt out of the blue but I’m so glad she did it because I don’t think I could have taken the rejection,

“I love the fact Jo proposed.”

Jo said: “I’ve always wanted to marry Danny and I decided that if I didn’t get things moving, it would never happen.

“I never wanted to get married when the children were babies because I wanted to let my hair down and enjoy the day. But we have had our little boy now and we’re not going to have any more, so the time is right.”

Congratulations Danny and Joanne!

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