David Walliams ‘banned’ questions about Lara Stone during filming on The Graham Norton Show!


    David Walliams banned questions about his wife Lara Stone during filming for The Graham Norton Show – it has been revealed this week they’re on a trial separation.


    David Walliams filmed the The Graham Norton Show this week around the same time news broke about his and Lara’s trial separation – they’ve been married for five years.

    BBC sources were told that heartbroken David requested that no questions should be asked about Lara Stone.

    A source told The Mirror: “He is trying to continue laughing and joking but on the inside he is very emotional. He really doesn’t want a broken marriage and would love to get back together.”

    “David has not given up on this relationship, he and Lara have a child together so his priority is to try to keep some kind of family unit.

    “Until a few weeks ago they were still walking around West London hand in hand so he hopes some of the damage can be repaired.”

    During the The Graham Norton Show David made public he asked all the members of Girls Aloud out on a date, but got rejected by all of them.

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