Sneak peak at tonight’s Bear Grylls Mission Survive where the celebrities hit the rapids!

    Danger alert.


    Take a sneaky peak at tonight’s Bear Grylls Mission Survive where the celebrities will have to face tough rapids to progress in the competition.


    Tonight tensions reach boiling point as the team face their toughest mission yet before a second celebrity is sent home by Bear.

    After a short journey to the Rio Cano Negro, Bear sets the team their first mission; to navigate down this powerful river, cutting through raging rapids and smashing into boulders.

    Jamelia sets off and is quickly out of control and doesn’t have a tight grip of her rucksack.

    Trying to save the bag, Emilia Fox gets caught in the current and Bear jumps in to rescue her.

    Jamelia also says she wants to walk from the show: “I don’t want to do this anymore…I clearly don’t get on with them, one of them spoke to me like I was a piece of sh*t…I can’t do this.”

    Watch a sneaky peak below:

    Laurence was discovered by one of Bear’s aides, Scott Heffield, walking around the bush in a ‘state of delirium’.

    Laurence explained: ‘I fell asleep and then I was convinced there were these tiny little people trying to steal things from our rucksacks….I was shivering really badly and then I started panicking.’

    Survival expert Scott, who found Laurence, added: ‘I went down to the camp and met Laurence halfway, he was delirious, hallucinating, shaking, basically talking a load of waffle…He’s had some stress and anxiety – that’s a cocktail for a state of delirium.’

    Medics had to be called in as it was revealed Laurence was in a hypoglycemic state which meant his blood sugar levels were dangerously low.

    Emilia said: “I was so worried, I don’t think I have ever been so worried in my entire life…It’s horrendous watching your family member go through something like that.’

    Bear Grylls Mission Survive, tonight, 9pm, ITV.

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