Bear Grylls Mission Survive: Jamelia eliminated after ‘negative’ energy!


    Jamelia is the latest celebrity to be eliminated from Bear Grylls Mission Survive after her attitude has caused ‘friction and fall outs’.

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    Tonight’s show was full of action as Bear sets the team their first mission; to navigate down this powerful river, cutting through raging rapids and smashing into boulders.

    Jamelia sets off and is quickly out of control and doesn’t have a tight grip of her rucksack.

    Trying to save the bag, Emilia Fox gets caught in the current and Bear jumps in to rescue her.

    Bear later told Emilia “no bag is worth a life” – but he loved the way she went for it as it shows raw instinctive courage.

    Jamelia wanted to walk from the show tonight, saying: “I don’t want to do this anymore…I clearly don’t get on with them, one of them spoke to me like I was a piece of sh*t…I can’t do this.” Bear told Jamelia during the elimination progress she was “coming up with great ideas”.

    Jamelia responded: “I’m much more confident doing stuff for myself,

    “As days go on i can see myself trusting other people.”

    Before Bear eliminated Jamelia, he said: “The fall out and friction between the group is due to Jamelia’s attitude”.

    After Jamelia was eliminated, she said: “I’ve had the most amazing time. I fought so many fears, there are so many things i didn’t think i could do.”

    “My girls will not believe it’s their mummy!

    “I wish the other guys the best of luck, they’re great people even Laurence.”

    But Laurence is glad Jamelia is gone as he believes the group will be better.

    Bear ended saying Jamelia is “a loner” and that the group “need that collective energy”.

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