Who are Electro Velvet? and Why are they representing the UK in Eurovision 2015?

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    Who are Electro Velvet?
    Electro Velvet are a musical duo made up of two people Alex, 35, from Welwyn Garden City and Bianca, 26, from Beckenham in Kent.

    Why has their song ‘Still in love with you’ been selected?
    The BBC received hundreds of entries for Eurovision 2015 as it was an open selection process inviting anyone who wished to submit a song for consideration.

    ‘Still in Love With You’ was the one that won the BBC over.

    When is the Eurovision 2015?
    Eurovision Song Contest is on Saturday the 23rd of May.

    One fact about Bianca you didn’t know:
    Bianca was on The Voice UK last year, but the coaches didn’t turn around. Bianca blames the wrong song choice.

    One fact about Alex you didn’t know:
    Alex is in a tribute band called ‘The Rollin’ Clones’ – He’s Mick Jagger.

    Where can I listen to ‘Still in love with you’?
    You can watch and listen to their music video below:

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