Wednesday, 7 December, 2022

‘Educating Joey Essex’ is returning for a second series, says Joey!

Will we learn anything new?

ITV’s popular TV show ‘Educating Joey Essex’ is returning for a second series says the man himself, Joey Essex.


The former TOWIE star is hitting our TV screens again soon for more educational lessons in his hilarious TV show ‘Educating Joey Essex’.

Joey was confirmed to The Mirror that his ITV show is returning: ”We’re doing another Educating Joey Essex,

“It’s 100% in the diary. It will be a couple of months.”

Joey continued in an exclusive chat with the paper: “I reckon it could be one of the best ones yet. I can’t give you a topic but it’s brilliant, put it that way.”

In the past we’ve seen Joey tackle loads of obstacles and learnt very valuable lessons, but what has he got in store for us this time? Will we learn anything new?

‘Educating Joey Essex’ second series hasn’t yet got a launch date.

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