Sarah Michelle Gellar rapping as ‘Cinderella’ in the ultimate Princess Rap Battle!


    You may be thinking that you haven’t seen Sarah Michelle Gellar for while, since her breakthrough hits such as the Buffy series, Scooby Doo movies and countless other appearances in the early 00’s.


    Gellar has taken a step back appearing in a few short lived TV series in recent years.

    However, fear no more! As part of a rap battle featured on Whitney Avalon’s popular YouTube channel that places fairytale characters against each other, previously Mrs Claus vs. Mary Poppins and the hilarious Elsa vs. Snow White, Gellar raps as Cinderella, and she has attitude!

    The video is hilarious, and has already been trending worldwide and has over 4 million views in just a few days! Gellar, and Avalon are both brilliant in the battle, if you haven’t already check it out below

    Who would you like to see battle it out?

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