Rochelle Humes on baby number 2: “that’s not going to be for a little while”!

Will there be a baby number 2 this year?


Rochelle Humes has discussed having another baby and her fashion range in an interview with Lorraine.

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Rochelle Humes has told ITV’s Lorraine she has no immediate plans to have another baby.

Speaking to the show about her new fashion line, Rochelle also revealed she would like to design a children’s clothing range of ‘mini me’ dresses.

Rochelle said: “For now I’m definitely happy designing women’s wear but maternity wear, maybe that’s what I’ll do next but I think I’ll have to be pregnant to be in that mindspace and that’s not going to be for a little while so there’ll be no rushing.”

She continued: “Kids clothes could work. We talked about doing a ‘mini me’ piece so a mini dress, a version of the mum’s dress. I’ve got a little girl so I definitely love dressing her up. My daughter is just into anything that I’m into, she’s discovering my makeup drawer which is v interesting because she disappears for two minutes and she comes back covered, when I say covered, I mean all over her face in red lipstick which is messy. Which is not good for cream carpets!”

Speaking about her fashion line, Rochelle revealed that husband Marvin was helping out.

She said: “I’m very involved with the whole process, I’m super hands on. I was there at the casting of the models, so was my husband funnily enough, he felt the need to come to work with me that day.”

On future designs, she joked: “Men’s wear is probably not my department, I’d leave that to my husband but I think that’s something he should do because he looks alright, he scrubs up well, that’s definitely all me!”

Lorraine is on ITV, weekdays from 8.30am to 9.25am

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