Fire breaks out at Alton Towers and closes part of the park down!

No one was hurt during the incident.


Visitors at Alton Towers today were in for a surprise as a fire broke out and closed some of the rides down as the park’s staff put it out.

Credit: airgates
Credit: airgates

The Staffordshire theme park, Alton Towers hosted an unexpected fire in the ‘Forbidden Valley’ today shutting down some of its popular rides like Air, Nemesis and Ripsaw.

The fire is believed to have started in the ‘Fresh Fish & Chips‘ catering unit in the ‘Forbidden Valley’ – no one was hurt in the incident.

Airgates reporter who was at the park today, said: “The smoke was quite quick and [there was a] smell of fire, whole area evacuated by security.

“There is a general uncertainty amongst staff, and there is no confirmation of anything as yet.”

Alton Towers also released a short statement on Twitter saying: “We’ve had a small fire in the Fish & Chip restaurant kitchen. It was extinguished very quickly so nothing to worry about”.

Transportation rides Monorail and Skyride were also closed down during the incident and reopened with the other rides shortly after.

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