Gogglebox producers ‘edit out’ Silent Jay speaking, he reveals!

    Silent Jay speaks out.


    It has been revealed that Gogglebox producers ‘edit out’ Silent Jay speaking – which answers a lot of questions.

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    Jay Makin, who stars on Channel 4’s Gogglebox alonside his ex-girlfriend Eve and her parents, never ever says a word in front of the TV, but actually he does! Jay told The Sun that he is “generally quite talkative”.

    Jay told the paper: “At first it was new to me, so I was just a bit shy, and then it kind of evolved into a running thing – ‘When’s Jay going to speak? When’s Jay going to talk?’

    “It was only a snippet but at the end of season four, for The X Factor finals, I was actually speaking, so that was good. Hopefully, more talking will come in the future.”

    Jay continued: “They just edit the bits where I talk out. I mean, whenever The X Factor comes on, I’m always very vocal, but those bits never make it onto the show because it’s become a running joke that I never say anything.”

    So there you have it! Gogglebox airs on Fridays on Channel 4.

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