Simon Cowell ‘at war’ with David Walliams over Britain’s Got Talent mockery!

Things are heating up.


Simon Cowell is apparently at war with David Walliams because he’s pushed his luck too far this time and turned the show into a joke.

(c) The Sun
(c) The Sun

It’s been reported that judges Simon Cowell and David Walliams have been arguing behind-the-scenes of Britain’s Got Talent 2015 as the tension has been building up behind the judging desk.

Boss Simon Cowell has revealed that David Walliams is “lazy” after he failed to offer any constructive criticism to the auditionees on the show.

A source told the Daily Star Sunday: “Simon wasn’t happy at all. David really pushed his luck. He wasn’t focusing on giving the acts constructive comments and insisted on playing the fool.

“Simon knows that makes great TV but he still wants the panel to do their job. He considers the search for talent a very serious business.

“He got very angry at David during one audition for giving really bland comments. He turned and said, ‘You’re just being lazy – sort it out’ and the other judges agreed with him.”

Britain’s Got Talent returns next weekend (11th April) on ITV.

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