Britain’s Got Talent 2015: Lisa Sampson, 35, who owns 150 hula hoops!

That's a lot of hoops.


Britain’s Got Talent 2015 features a 35 year old hula hooper, Lisa Sampson who’s self-taught.

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Britain’s Got Talent 2015 returns this weekend (11th April) with a brand new series on ITV, and it’s full of talent.

35 year old Lisa Sampson owns 150 hula hoops. She is self-taught and has recently started teaching hula hooping at her village hall in Sussex.

Since learning to hula hoop Lisa has broken various objects in her house including lights, mirrors and a TV unit.

Judge Simon Cowell described her ‘human slinky’ trick as ‘Fantastic!’

Britain’s Got Talent returns to ITV, Saturday 11 April, 8pm.

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