Snapchat updates ‘Best Friends’ with use of emoji!

Snapchat has a new update.


Snapchat have updated their system to use emoji symbols to replace the ‘best friends’ list.

Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 15.19.30

The people you converse with most on the app will be shown to have either flames, hearts or smilies next to their names depending on how often you speak.

Not only does it show who you talk to most, but also flags up mutual friends by tagging them with various emojis depending on their friendship with other friends in your contacts.

An example of this, users with a mutual best friend with another contact will be tagged with an emoji wearing sunglasses. Users who have you as their best friend but they aren’t your best friend will have what is known as the ‘smirk’ emoji.

If you have kept a flowing conversation with a friend, you will have a fire emoji to show you are on a ‘snapstreak’. If a heart appears, you are each other’s number 1 best friend while a smiley means you are best friends of each other.

These best friend emojis are different to the best friends list as these are not public for other users to see your best friends.

Other features of the update includes a ‘needs love’ list where inactive users are needing some snapchat love.

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